Wholesale Diamond Pricing Direct to the Public

Green Hills Diamond Brokers is proud to announce that our business model has expanded and we are now open to the public. We are a wholesale diamond brokerage firm that until recently only worked with retail jewelry stores, dealers, and wholesalers. Now, you are able to take advantage of prices that were once reserved only for industry professionals.

Who are we?

Family owned, Green Hills Diamond Brokers is Nashville’s premier Jewelry and Diamond brokerage firm. Our primary focus is to revolutionize the diamond buying process by offering a unique and personalized one on one experience through transparency in the education of the diamond industry and the valuation on quality diamonds and fine jewelry.


The owner, David Michaeli, is a second generation diamond broker from Israel. His family started wholesaling diamonds to retail stores when he was a child. Raised in his family's diamond factory in Tel Aviv, he watched his family polish rough stones into beautiful diamonds all shapes and sizes, therefore he has extensive knowledge and training in diamond quality and the fine jewelry business. He traveled extensively throughout Europe selling millions of dollars of diamonds to his customers. His number one priority is to ensure that his clients get the best value for their money.


His wife, Jennifer, a Nashville native, studied Gemology in Israel and worked in the International Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv selling diamonds and fine jewelry to their international clientele. She now designs unique, high end pieces for her clients. After living in Israel for six years, David and Jennifer decided to move back home to Nashville in 2014 and open a wholesale office in Green Hills that worked with national and international dealers. Slowly, people started to hear about them in the community and before they knew it people were knocking on their office door looking for quality diamonds and transparency in the buying process. Due to high demand, they decided to expand the business model so they opened their doors to customers to share their knowledge about the diamond industry and how to buy quality diamonds and fine jewelry at the right price. David and Jennifer have two sons and live in Nashville and are very active in their community.

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