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7 Easy Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Looking Amazing

As a gemologist, jeweler, and a jewelry enthusiast people bring me their fine jewelry to fix, clean, and repurpose everyday. I continuously see many of the same problems with earrings, rings, and other pieces so I compiled a list of 7 easy things you can do to keep your jewelry safe and fabulous!
  1. Do you go to the doctor for regular checkups? Why wouldn’t you do the same for your expensive jewelry? A professional will check the prongs and the diamonds to ensure everything l is in place and looks good. It is recommended to do it twice a year!
  2. Jumping off a boat while wearing your diamond ring? Forget about it! If the water is cold your finger can shrink up to one ring size causing your ring to fall off! Store it in a safe place or risk never seeing it again!
  3. Ladies, we all like to smell lovely but please don’t spray perfume after you put on your pearls! The pearl strand is made of silk which absorbs liquid. The moisture will get inside the pearls and damage them. If the silk is stretched from wear or got wet, please get them restrung. It is inexpensive to do and will help them look new again!
  4. Clean your jewelry yourself! You do not need expensive cleaners to have your pieces shining bright! Dawn soap and warm water will do the trick! Get a small toothbrush with soft bristles and gently brush. It will look new again in no time!
  5. Don’t wear your jewelry to the gym! It’s easier than you think to loosen a prong and have a diamond fall out. Please store your jewelry in a safe place before a work out.
  6. Ladies, your ring should never ever fit loose! It should fit snug on your finger and not go over the nuckle easily. If it does, have it sized down so you don’t risk losing it.
  7. If you take your ring off when you wash your hands in the bathroom, please make a habit of holding your ring between your lips so you don’t get distracted and leave your ring behind. It happens more than you think!
For more tips or any questions you may have you  can email me or call 615-386-3400.

The In-Depth Guide to Sapphires


Sapphires occur in a world of colors from the colorless to the pink, yellow, green and, of course, blue.  And the blue are a world unto themselves. But what blue reins king in this world ? For the finest specimens you must imagine the velvety, slightly violetish blue, sleepy-toned gemstones that most of us never see, the Kashmir sapphire.  Sadly, the mines of Kashmir no longer produce and consumers only see these stones second hand and rarely even then. Museums, estate shows and the finest jewelry dealers may be lucky enough to have a Kashmir sapphire to display and to sell.  These gems are said to have “mouth-watering” beauty and no sapphire commands a higher price than a fine Kashmir sapphire. Buy a Kashmir sapphire! The price-per-carat will be astronomical and the beauty will be incomparable!

Second to Kashmir in sapphire rarity are Burmese stones, known for their midnight blue, royal punch of color, usually with a very slight violet hue, absolutely not sleepy at all.   Thought Burma is known for its deep, dark richness of color, Burma has produced some lovely pastel stones.

Ceylon, or Sri Lankan sapphires are a bit more common; violetish blue in hue, often vaguely grayish in tone, but lovely and in demand nonetheless.

The rarity and resulting value of sapphires from these countries have made proving their pedigree a standard practice in the gem world. Certification and country-of-origin reports from top-tier laboratories such as GIA or the American Gemological Laboratory almost a given in establishing the value of a fine sapphire from these regions.

Today, sapphires are mined in Australia, Thailand and Madagascar, Africa and even in China.   These are routinely heated and are subject to other enhancements to improve their appearance.

Here is information for nerds only: gemologists today are encouraged not to think solely in geographical terms such as “what country did this sapphire come from?”  but to think in geological terms: were they produced by the magmatic or metamorphic process?

This is for all of us: gemologists, appraisers, and jewelers in the know are reminding us to set aside, for a moment, the country of origin talk and the paper pedigree and to delight in the beauty right in front of our eyes.

Why Come to GHDB?


We say we’re different, but why buy or sell  jewelry at Green Hills Diamond Brokers in Nashville?   Because our one-on-one experience makes it different. Our diamond and jewelry education, which we share with you, makes it different.  This and our vast experience translates into an exceptional, intimate experience for you, different than anything you will find at any other jeweler in Middle Tennessee.
Perhaps Nashville’s best kept secret, we are a family owned, diamond and jewelry broker, not a retail store !  This means we meet with you one-on-one, learn what you want, and get it just for you!  But who are you meeting with?  Experience.  Owner David Michaeli grew up in his family’s diamond factory in Israel and is still growing, buying and selling diamonds,gems, jewelry and watches in Nashville years later.  Family.  His wife Jennifer, a Nashville native, studied gemology at the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange while selling internationally and now designs unique pieces in additional to selling.  Education: Staff gemologist Patricia Mitchell has worked in the jewelry industry for over 43 years, including as a Diamond Grader at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Los Angeles as a Senior Gemologist,  grading not only diamonds but gemstones, pearls and objects d’art.

You may have your dream ring in mind and be waiting to tell us exactly what you want us to make.  If not, one of us will help you design and make your one-of-a-kind ring. Maybe you’d like to take a step back and learn more about the world of diamond shape, color, clarity and size before you even think about commiting to a purchase ?  Why is one diamond more valuable than another? Maybe you have a Cartier watch, a Tiffany ring, or a Van Cleef and Arpels neckpiece to sell discreetly? Sit down with us and we will talk about what we can do for you.

A diamond broker is an expert with active, worldwide connections to diamond cutters, brokers, fine jewelry dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers.  We have flexibility: our time-tested network will get us what we need just for you!  We get you the diamond you want for slightly above wholesale cost, so we can save you thousands of dollars. With that savings, you can buy a bigger, better quality diamond and still stay within your budget.  You can have your jewelry designed and made to your desire, in-house, making you part of the process.
Unlike retail stores in Nashville, a broker is not limited to the diamonds and jewelry in a showcase.  Our international network of dealers means a more transparent buying process and a dazzling choice of GIA Certified diamonds and an ability and to find the designer pieces and styles you seek.  We share the benefit of international buying with you while you are supporting your local Nashville business.

Designer pieces?  Don’t forget Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, and Gucci!  Designer handbags are our latest niche! We want to show you our latest finds and you can brings your handbags in to Jennifer for authentication and sale.