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Article: Fancy Colored Diva Diamonds

Fancy Colored Diva Diamonds

I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely glued to the Super Bowl since the Titans weren’t playing, but l did watch the spicy half-time show, and as expected, it provided plenty of entertainment! As I focused on J.Lo, admiring her famous gluteus maximus, I suddenly remembered that she’s engaged to the famous Alex Rodriguez, a very successful retired baseball player which led me to research J.Lo’s relationship and diamond history and Fancy Colored Diamonds.

I did some digging on other diamond divas as well, and I was a bit surprised when I figured out who ranked the highest. This contest didn’t include collections such as Queen Elizabeth’s British Crown Jewels, but it did include contemporary divas such as Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey. Now, you can’t talk diamonds without giving a nod to Liz Taylor, which I have in previous articles. Who has received the best diamonds is totally objective and impartial, relying heavily on my taste so compared to the other contemporary divas J.Lo won, hands down.

Check these out these impressive rocks: Remember Bennifer? Jennifer received a 6.10 carat pink diamond from Ben Affleck, but when the engagement was called off, she gave the ring back. But no worries, because her next husband, Marc Anthony, to whom she was married from 2004 to 2014, gave her an 8.50 carat blue diamond ring designed by Harry Winston which she kept. Natural Blue diamonds are extremely rare by the way… but, it doesn’t end there! She’s hit a home run with her latest, Alex Rodriguez, with an approximately 13-15 carat, colorless, emerald cut diamond. The rocks just keep getting bigger and bigger with every engagement! Time will tell if she ends up walking down the aisle with this one, but if she doesn’t, I’m definitely interested in seeing the next rock for Jenny from the Block!

At Green Hills Diamond Brokers, we love dealing with natural, fancy colored diamonds, and I’m going to tell you why but bear with me as I digress a bit here. I recently went furniture shopping with my friend to help her furnish her home. Our first area of attack was her bedroom. We agreed: there is nothing like layered creams and beiges and whites in a bedroom to create a calm, unstimulating atmosphere in which to just unwind. Our color theme was “out with the old, in with the nude,” no purple and orange stripes here! Lean back against those soft, cream, cloud-like pillows and let everything go… just puffy, calming textures and undemanding colors to help her drift off.

As long as you are not drinking a glass of cabernet, those vanilla near-whites have wonderful traits. For example, they allow texture and shape to stand out. As I helped her spend her decorating budget (and then some), I noticed a similarity to something near and dear to my heart….. diamonds. “Has Jenny lost it?” you ask? Possibly… “What does a diamond have to do with a dumb pillow?” You know I have an overdeveloped jewelry lobe in my brain so I naturally can’t help thinking about them. Just let the Diamond Diva and Gemology Nerd in me explain that the lack of color in a diamond allows other aspects of the diamond, such as the rainbow-like dispersion, the brilliance, and the shape to take center stage and become the sole focal point of your vision. You really get to see all the brilliant, sparkling dynamics of a diamond but don’t really see their color, right? You just see the light doing a crazy, magical dance.

But what if you wanted to go beyond the colorless diamond and have brilliance, rainbow flash, and beautiful color? What if you wanted a Fancy Colored Diamond so you could see some scintillating pink or mysterious purple or mesmerizing blue as well? Well, we sell those, too.

Fancy Colored Diamonds are colored diamonds – pink, blue, yellow, green, orange and more – which come by their color naturally, meaning no enhancement of the color by man has occurred. The color is from Mother Nature and there has been no manipulation (a.k.a. monkeying around) to create the color. They all have more hue, or actual color, than anything on GIA’s famous D-Z color scale. About 1 in 10,000 diamonds is graded fancy color and only a handful of those achieve the top grade of “Intense” or “Vivid” color. They are fabulous, gorgeous, luscious, and many of them are famous, such as the blue Hope diamond. As a side note, in the early Twentieth Century, socialite and Hope Diamond owner Evalyn Walsh McLean let her Great Dane, Mike, wear the Hope Diamond on his collar! Yeah, and all I can say about that is “Here, doggie doggie!”

Before the 80’s, when it came to the pinks and purples, we had to make do with paler, washed-out colors until the discovery of the deep pink diamonds in the 1980s, which came out of Australia’s Argyle mines. Pink Argyles go way beyond pastel; they are more like hot pink. A hot pink diamond, can you imagine? We are proud to say that Patricia Mitchell, who was a Senior Diamond Grader at GIA and now our store manager at Green Hills Diamond Brokers, helped grade the very first pink Argyle diamonds when they came on the scene, all twenty-seven of them! With pink diamonds, you get all the dazzling brilliance and flash we love about them in addition to the fab, feminine color fit for a princess.

We are happy to get you the fancy colored diamond of your choice. All of our fancy diamonds come with a GIA Origin of Color Report. You may have questions that we can answer about colored diamonds and how the range of tones and shades impact the quality and price. We can design a ring for you featuring that pink or blue diva diamond!

Fancy colored diamonds are not just for J. Lo., Jackie O., and Mike, the Great Dane. Green Hills Diamond Brokers has them for YOU. Come see me at Green Hills Diamond Brokers, and I’ll activate my overdeveloped diamond brain to help you shine bright in a GIA certified fancy colored diamond or a colorless diamond today!

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