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The Nashville Jewelry Store for Those in the Know

Buying diamond jewelry is a big decision in terms of cost, quality, and details. You want to get what you pay for, so working with a reputable source and someone with your best interest in mind is...

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Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever, but they might not be for you. Many women see diamond engagement rings and never imagine themselves wearing something like that. It's not about the cut or the style of the ba...

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What Is the Difference Between Radiant Cut, Emerald Cut, and Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Ah, diamonds! Used in jewelry design for thousands of years. Their dazzling sparkle attracts admirers worldwide, and of course, still today, they're an essential part of wedding traditions around ...

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Engagement Rings: Popular Styles, Designs and Trends for 2022

One-third of people who propose marriage plan it as a surprise. Isn't it important to select the perfect ring to go along with your BIG plans if you're among them? After all, your loved one is goi...

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Getting engaged is an exciting time for you, your partner, family, friends, pets, and everyone else who gets a whiff of you every now and then. If it's a proposal done in a public setting, it’s ev...

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A Guide to Buying the Right Diamond

When you choose to purchase a diamond for someone, you're making a statement about how much they mean to you. Buying a diamond is a major purchase, both in terms of finances and details. With so m...

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Who's Your Point of Reference?

Humans, especially us ladies like to browse…A LOT.   We browse at the grocery store... Hmm..what am I going to eat for dinner tonight?  We browse online..” ohhh that’s nice...Do  I need that? OFCO...

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Do “Flaws” Matter?

Do they? Do flaws matter? I guess that depends on what I’m talking about and who I’m asking. If I’m talking about the human body, then I’m getting into a very subjective topic, because beauty is i...

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What Is A Diamond Broker?

A diamond broker is a professional that facilitates the buying and selling of diamonds and carries out other services related to the diamond industry. A customer might engage the services of a dia...

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Why We Do IT?

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Some couples celebrate, some don’t. I have to be honest, we didn’t celebrate for a long time, but now I see it as a great opportunity to do my hair, get out of the hous...

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