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Article: What Is A Diamond Broker?

What Is A Diamond Broker?

A diamond broker is a professional that facilitates the buying and selling of diamonds and carries out other services related to the diamond industry. A customer might engage the services of a diamond broker to sell diamonds that they do not need, such as jewelry from an inheritance, or to buy jewelry such as a wedding ring. A diamond broker needs to be proficient at appraising diamonds, knowledgeable about the market trends for diamonds, and able to source diamonds with desirable characteristics for buyers.

Due to the inherent value and appeal of diamonds, diamond brokers carry out important responsibilities to buyers, sellers, and the community at large. These include to:

  • NOT understate or overstate the value of diamonds to mislead the buyer or seller, or anyone seeking an appraisal of diamonds.
  • educate potential buyers and the community at large about diamonds.

In short, a diamond broker is a guide who can navigate the world of diamond trading. Brokers work with customers by explaining how the diamond buying process works and advocating for the buyer’s best interests. 
It is difficult to convey the role of a diamond broker without also describing diamonds. Diamonds are bought and sold at the wholesale level through a complex process that is difficult for people new to the industry to understand. Diamonds are valued through an elaborate grading system by their color, clarity, carat weight and cut to determine value. This is also called the 4C’s created by the Gemological Institute of America


Diamond Sales

The diamond broker uses their knowledge of the marketplace to find suitable diamonds from wholesalers and diamond cutters, reducing the cost compared to buying a diamond at a jewelry store.
A diamond broker can be an asset for people who are looking for specific kinds of diamonds, perhaps to replace or complement a family heirloom or to be set together with other stones in a piece of jewelry.

Certification and Grading of Diamonds

To promote fair business dealings in the diamond trade, organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), the EGL USA, and other independent organizations grade diamonds on four characteristics – the 4 Cs – of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.


Diamonds consist of carbon in a crystalline form. A pure diamond would be transparent or glitter white when its facets catch the light. Most synthetic diamonds and many natural diamonds are transparent. However, impurities in the diamond can give it another color, depending on the nature of the impurity. The grade of a diamond on the official GIA scale runs from D to Z, with D being colorless and Z indicating a strong color.

Typically, grade D diamonds are the most valuable, but diamonds with unusually strong colors, called “fancy” coloration beyond the D – Z scale are even more valuable. The Hope Diamond, for instance, has a striking blue color. The Blue Moon of Josephine diamond sold for $4 million per carat.

Blue: Diamonds take on a blue color as a result of boron impurities.

Yellow: Yellow diamonds have a small amount of nitrogen mixed in with the carbon.

Red and Pink: It is unclear where the red and pink color in diamonds comes from, but red diamonds are among the most valuable.


Uncut diamonds look like rather unimpressive rocks. Their beauty and brilliance do not come through until they are cut along the planes of their crystalline structure. The flat surfaces and angles of the diamond determine how it shapes the light that passes through it. There are many different diamond cuts including round brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, pear cut, and marquise cut, among others.

Round cut diamonds are typically more expensive because of their high desirability. Round brilliant is a popular and attractive cut. The different cuts reflect light differently and differ in cost, the number of facets, the ability to conceal flaws in the diamond, and other factors. An experienced diamond broker can advise you about the benefits and drawbacks of each cut.


The extent to which the crystalline structure of the diamond is free from defects is its clarity. The GIA grades diamonds according to whether they possess inclusions, which are exterior flaws, and blemishes, which are flaws on the surface of the diamond.

The GIA scale for clarity goes from Flawless to Included, with eleven total gradations. In general, a surface blemish does not reduce the grade as much as an internal inclusion.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is simply how large and heavy a diamond is. A carat is 0.2 ounces or about 0.007 ounces. In general, the larger a diamond is, the more valuable it will be because the rarer it is.

Loose Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds can save money and afford the buyer more opportunities for customization than buying diamond jewelry. The buyer can also have a piece of jewelry tailor-made to bring out the best qualities of the stone that they purchase.  A retail store would be less likely to accommodate customized  jewelry.


Diamond brokers are known to sell loose diamonds. Brokers also  sell fine jewelry as an adjunct to their diamond brokerage. They might have designers on staff to create custom jewelry with the diamonds that the buyer ultimately purchases. This saves the buyer the time and effort of finding a jeweler to set the piece. Green Hills Diamond Brokers of Nashville, TN has a team of professional designers and the technical skill to create unique works of art that capture the full potential of each stone.

Diamond Brokers in Nashville

Nashville has long been a town that attracts wealth and celebrity, from its legendary country music scene to its upscale neighborhoods and thriving business community. With many Americans eyeing a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are willing to spend more and, accordingly, dress to impress.


Diamond brokers offer a range of services to buyers, allowing the convenience of one-stop shopping. These services include but are not limited to jewelry repair, jewelry engraving, appraisal, insurance, and financing.
Diamond Brokers in Nashville
Nashville has long been a town that attracts wealth and celebrity, from its legendary country music scene to its upscale neighborhoods and thriving business community. With many Americans eyeing a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are willing to spend more

Green Hills Diamond Brokers

Green Hills Diamond Brokers is a partnership between David Michaeli, an Israeli with experience selling diamonds in Europe, and Jennifer Michaeli, a Nashville native and expert in gemology, bringing together an intimate understanding of both the international diamond market and the local flavor of Nashville.

As the Premier Diamond Broker in Nashville, we have attracted business from Nashville residents from all walks of life including celebrities.  Once you step through our door, nobody else is more important than you, our customer. We will share our understanding of diamonds with you and invite you to share with us the qualities that would make a diamond perfect for you.

Green Hills Diamond Brokers offers a lifetime warranty on bridal jewelry, and they only deal in conflict-free diamonds. We have a 4.9 rating on Google and a 5/5 rating from reviewers with the Better Business Bureau and an A+ rating from them. Find out why Green Hills Diamond Brokers is the best place to buy diamonds  in Nashville, TN.

A diamond is a treasure that could be in your family for generations. It can symbolize the union of two people, the achievement of a slice of the American dream, or simply reflect the eternal beauty in life. When you buy a diamond, don’t leave the decisions in the hands of a salesperson. Let us guide you through the process and work together to create something unique and marvelous that your family will take pride in. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do.
Save money and be sure that your diamond is of the highest quality. Call us today at (615) 386-3400 or stop by our office at 2120 Crestmoor Rd #3010 Nashville, TN 37215 for a free consultation.

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