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Article: Why We Do IT?

Why We Do IT?

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Some couples celebrate, some don’t. I have to be honest, we didn’t celebrate for a long time, but now I see it as a great opportunity to do my hair, get out of the house and NOT cook!  Before kids, count me out..after kids...count me IN, and DON’T forget I need presents as well!  I pushed these kids out, and you’re going to hear about it for the rest of your days so, NOW our Valentine’s Day tradition involves dinner reservations, jewelry (of course), wine, and lots of dark chocolate. Not exactly in that order. People ask me, “Jenny, don’t you get tired of jewelry since you are around it all the time?” NO! It just becomes harder to impress me with it, so I’ve become a little more expensive...poor David. Jewelry aside, as the holiday of love approaches, I was inspired to dig a bit deeper to understand why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. I know how I celebrate it, but why? Why do we do it?  Where did it come from? To my surprise, after some research and digging, this holiday’s history is actually complicated and contradictory. 

My research has turned up three St. Valentines associated with February 14th. So, I will share the most popular St. Valentine legend - my style, which is the one that I feel makes the most sense with our contemporary celebration. Short version- St. Valentine was a Roman priest and  Emperor Claudius had banned marriage, deciding it made men bad soldiers. Seriously? I think they would’ve fought harder if they had someone they loved to go home to? Priest Valentine thought the ban was so unfair that he broke the rules and married couples in secret. Shhhhh! When Claudius found out, he threw Valentine in jail and sentenced him to death. That’s a bit harsh? Some say Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter Julia, while others say he performed a miracle by healing Julia of her blindness. Either way, when Valentine was taken to be beheaded on February 14th, he sent her a note and signed it, “From Your Valentine.” He became a Saint and around 200 years later, Valentine’s Day was born and here we are still celebrating it today!

In jewelry terms, all stages of relationships lead to me for Valentine’s: two people who fell in love in a long airport Starbucks line that’ve been dating for a year, and now he needs the perfect engagement ring, a double-date resulting in an ole switcheroo situation and he wants to get her diamond stud earrings, or a plea of “Jenny, please help me pick out the right “I’m sorry” gift. I really messed up, and I want her back! I used to ask on a scale from 1-10 how bad they messed up but now,  I can usually tell from the amount they spend. But honestly, there’s something special here at Green Hills Diamond Brokers for every stage of a relationship or any situation you may find yourself in for both women and men.   

So, why jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift?  It’s rare, beautiful, and very durable, lasting through the ups-and-downs of our relationships and marriages, spicing things up when things feel blahhh. It’s a perfect day to get engaged, and you know there is no place like Green Hills Diamond Brokers to buy that perfect, GIA Certified diamond at BROKER PRICES. No matter what fairytale one’s Facebook or Instagram portrays, even in a healthy relationship, there are hardships as well as times of great joy. We all mess up sometimes but remember there is redemption in jewelry! You can also take advantage of our financing options!  For better or worse, we are going to help you do the smart thing this year, which is why we are having an EXTRA 20% OFF Select Jewelry this Valentine’s Day starting NOW - diamond studs, hoops, bangles, pendants, eternity bands, and more! Whether you are looking to just get out of the house or you’re demanding special presents like me, or both.. this Valentine’s Day, we have something unique and special for everyone no matter what stage your relationship is in. Come see me at Green Hills Diamond Brokers!

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