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Article: Holiday Roads: Christmas Engagement

Holiday Roads: Christmas Engagement

When the weather turns chilly and the smell of your favorite holiday foods tantalizes your senses, winter wonderland movies, and old holiday jams return, you know the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is right around the corner. My favorite holiday movie is Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. With close and extended family from all different backgrounds in one house, many can relate to the commotion and stress but also to the joy it brings to have the family together. Except for SNOTS, Uncle Eddie’s dog. He had NO business hackin’ under the damn dinner table! Whenever I hear the song Holiday Road from Christmas Vacation, I tend to lose control of my extremities, arms flailing, legs kicking, and blonde hair everywhere. One would stop dead in their tracks thinking I required medical attention, but it’s really me experiencing a physical reaction to music called dancing. 

Even though you can’t count on my rhythm, you can count on me and my team at Green Hills Diamond Brokers to remove the holiday stress in the gift-giving department. Don’t let your holiday list of things to do get the best of you! You must see how easy on the budget it can be to buy something dazzling and enduring from us! We offer one-stop shopping in all price ranges with something appropriate for just about everyone on your list -  including Uncle Eddie. Whether it’s diamonds, diamond stud earrings, hoops, bangles, pendants, tennis bracelets, or something custom, don’t worry, we have you covered! We’ll save you from the mall crowds, save you time, definitely save you money, and make it all easy to carry home and hide. Our 30-day guarantee makes it simple so if it doesn’t fit just right,  don’t feed it to SNOTS! Bring it back and we can adjust the fit, etc. 

We give you more time to have a Christmas Vacation you can actually manage! That’s more time to deal with stuff you aren’t too excited about like wrapping paper and ribbon and ham and tinsel and lights and tablecloths.  But wait! Even better, it’s more time to flop back on some pillows and bring out those once a year movies, from Christmas Vacation and White Christmas to Scrooge and A Christmas Story.  The remote goes in one hand so that leaves the other hand free for the bowl of popcorn and the Christmas Edition Hershey’s Kisses. Speaking of that other hand….

Are you Planning a Christmas Engagement?

Did you know that Christmas is prime engagement time for many couples?  That really keeps us hopping and my team and I love being a part of creating that extra magic. We make your engagement dreams come true not only with a showcase full of engagement rings of our own brand for you to choose from but we also specialize in custom engagement rings, using GIA Certified Diamonds, in whatever style you’ve been dreaming of. Rounds, ovals, emerald cuts, rose gold, platinum;  just tell us what you desire. We have holiday gifts starting at $299 with financing available! No running from store to store to find what you want, no retail price to pay. One-stop, easy on the budget, it’s done. Check!  

Though GIA Certified diamonds at broker prices are still our specialty, we also carry some specialty items for men. We carry men’s bands and a variety of gently pre-owned luxury watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and more! Green Hills Diamond Brokers is about transparency as much as we are about dazzle. We’ll cut through the commercial craziness and confusion and educate you about what you’re buying and how the different attributes of a diamond such as clarity and color impact price. Speaking of price, why can we offer broker prices to the public? It’s because Green Hills Diamond Brokers is a second-generation family business of diamond cutters and brokers, with worldwide, active connections that we’ve maintained for years. We sell to stores!  

Historically, diamonds and fine jewelry have been used as gifts to mark special occasions and, if properly cared for, last for generations. It’s the real thing and it sends a message of caring and love over time like nothing else. Lasting beauty is what it’s all about! Those tiny diamond studs I sell you can be “traded up” in a few years to a larger size. When you spend your hard-earned money on fine jewelry, you are buying quality, rarity, and durability; and when you are buying from Green Hills Diamond Brokers, you’re buying smart.

This holiday season, let us alleviate your stress in the gift-giving department. You may even catch me flailing to Holiday Road! Remember, I stop when the song stops, so no need to call an ambulance! Come see us  or visit our website

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