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Article: Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever, but they might not be for you. Many women see diamond engagement rings and never imagine themselves wearing something like that. It's not about the cut or the style of the band; it's the diamond itself.

Even though diamonds are the traditional choice when it comes to engagement rings, they aren't the only option anymore. More unique engagement rings featuring different stones and gems have become popular recently.

But if you do like diamonds, just not in the traditional way, there are also unique diamond rings for an engagement. An engagement ring should feel customized to the person. So fall in love with some of these ideas for non-tradition engagement rings.

Choose a Unique Stone for Your Engagement Ring

Not everyone sees themselves getting engaged with a diamond ring, and that's more than alright. Whether your love doesn't like to embrace tradition or simply wants to stand out, you have stunning engagement ring options that don't include a diamond.


Durable and rare, Jade is a stunning option for an alternative engagement ring. Jade has a long history and tradition that has made it one of the most sought-after stones but it is still an unexpected style for an engagement ring.

The distinctive deep green color is what makes jade a gorgeous stone that's sure to stand out as a non-traditional engagement ring.


Loved for their deep and brilliant color, sapphires will bring you stunning color in an engagement ring. The gem conjures up images of deep blue but is actually available in a range of colors, including yellow, pink, and even colorless, to resemble a diamond. 


Elegant and timeless, the pear is a stunning iridescent stone for an engagement ring. For engagement rings, pearls aren't very common, but they're also a very traditional gemstone. Pearls are great for someone who wants a unique engagement ring that isn't too far out there in terms of style.


In a sparkling pink, morganite is a beautiful and feminine alternative to the diamond. The color can range from a coral to a soft pink. Morganite is a soft stone, so you want to be sure to choose a setting that feels strong and secure.


Choose a Unique Diamond Shape


Maybe your love wants a diamond, but in a way nobody has seen before. Round diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings, and the style can become a little tired for many. A unique shape breathes life into tradition.


If you're looking for a modern and geometric option, a kite-shaped ring is a stunning choice. These rings feature an elongated diamond shape that resembles a kite.

Despite their modern popularity, kite-shaped diamonds are an old fancy cut with peak popularity in the 1920s and 30s. Kite-shaped stones will provide a bit of vintage flair to a modern ring.


A stylish alternative to a round stone, hexagons have a more modern shape. These geometric and angular shapes are one of the most popular nontraditional engagement rings.

Hexagons are rare, so they may require customization. But the shape looks great with a variety of stones.


An engagement ring with a marquise-shaped stone will have some vintage flair. Marquises are oblong and angular, a shape that resembles a tapered oval with points on the ends. a

Marquise stones can often look antique even in modern settings, so they're ideal for someone who wants to be unique without straying too far from tradition.


A shape that will truly defy tradition is a raw diamond or stone. Raw stones are unique because they haven't been shaped or polished; instead, they're in their most natural state.

The surface is uneven, which allows the stone to catch the light at different angles. These rings may have a cloudier appearance, but it doesn't mean they can't sparkle.

Chose a Unique Setting

You can also get creative with the setting on an engagement ring. These types of engagement rings have stones that sit differently on the band than a traditional solitaire-style ring.

Toi Et Moi Setting

Toi et moi settings have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. These rings are romantic and sentimental, featuring two stones that represent you and your love. 

The stones can sit next to each other or have an open design that encircles the finger.

Double Band

Exactly what they sound like, double band settings feature two bands on one engagement ring. This ring stands out, showcases all stone shapes, and can be a unique twist without completely skirting tradition.

You have a ton of style options when it comes to double bands. They can run parallel, twist, or split to show off the stone. You can also have smaller stones in either of the bands.


Cluster settings feature an assortment of stones of different cuts in sizes. They're asymmetrical, unexpected, and interesting. Cluster settings can give the appearance of a large overall stone without getting too pricey. You can also choose the layout of the cluster.

For someone who wants an engagement ring with a highly-customized look, a cluster setting might do the trick.


Instead of a stone sitting perpendicular to the band, on an East-West setting, the stone sits horizontally. This setting takes a modern approach to tradition, providing a ring that's unexpected but not too far alternative or out of the box.

These rings work best with long shapes like oval, pear, or marquise cut stones.

Unique Engagement Rings to Celebrate Your Love

The classic diamond engagement ring has been a staple of love for years. But the ring that announces you're getting married should feel like it fits you and your personality.

If tradition isn't what you're after, unique engagement rings featuring different stones, shapes, or designs might be the better option. You can even find unique diamond rings that put a little twist on the classic engagement.

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