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Article: What Is the Difference Between Radiant Cut, Emerald Cut, and Cushion Cut Diamonds?

What Is the Difference Between Radiant Cut, Emerald Cut, and Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Ah, diamonds! Used in jewelry design for thousands of years. Their dazzling sparkle attracts admirers worldwide, and of course, still today, they're an essential part of wedding traditions around the world.

When choosing a diamond, buyers usually have a particular idea about what shape of diamond they like, but what are the different shapes of diamonds, and how do they differ? We help identify the difference between cushion-cut diamonds, emerald-shaped diamonds, and radiant cut diamonds. 

Although they are similar in shape, cushion-cut diamonds, emerald-shaped diamonds, and radiant diamonds have different shapes and sparkle. 

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

An emerald-cut diamond has a rectangular shape with cut-off corners. It usually has 57 facets and is a timeless classic shape.
This cut is notable because, unlike other diamond cuts, it does not produce a sparkle effect. Instead, it produces bright flashes of light as it moves, known as the "Hall of Mirrors" because it resembles the light reflecting off mirrors in the daytime.

The way the emerald-cut diamond refracts light makes it stand out against brilliant-cut diamonds. The brilliance is noticeable and will be sure to turn heads and garner many compliments when you are out and about. 

The emerald-cut diamond is a good choice because of the elongation of the stone that makes the fingers look longer and is incredibly flattering.

When you purchase an emerald-cut diamond, you can choose the length to width ratio; these range from almost square to a longer and thinner rectangle. All will have that "Hall of Mirrors" effect.

You can also choose a more rigid and firm cut for more precise lines and elegance. Or choose softer cuts that are more natural-looking. Either way, you get a gorgeous diamond that everyone will compliment when they see it.

Emerald-cut diamonds also come in a wide variety of options, including color and clarity, so you can get the exact diamond you want.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut diamond has a silhouette that resembles a pillow. While the emerald cut looks like a rectangle, the cushion cut can almost be circular. It features a semi-rectangular shape with rounded edges rather than firm lines.

Cushion-cut diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and sizes as well. However, unlike the emerald cut, these diamonds won't have the "Hall of Mirrors" effect.

Instead, the effect admired in a cushion-cut diamond is "fire"; used for the ability of a diamond to produce colored light reflections. When white light hits the diamond, a diamond with a cushion-cut will divide the light beams into the visible light spectrum. 

While other cuts produce this effect, none compare to the fire of the cushion-cut diamond. It gives the diamond a breathtaking sparkle that others will envy. It can also be a lot more subtle than the "Hall of Mirrors." 

And again, this is a classic design with a very long history. So you can't go wrong with this timeless cut when shopping for a diamond. You just need to decide how big and bold you want to go.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Like the emerald-cut diamond, a radiant-cut diamond is more rectangular shaped with its corners cut off at a forty-five-degree angle. However, compared to the emerald cut, the radiant cut is generally much more square in shape unless it is elongated and doesn't have the "Hall of Mirrors" effect. 

The effect that you'll get with a radiant-cut diamond is brilliance. Brilliance is the reflection of white light off of the diamond. It happens when white light hits both the surface and the inside of the diamond and creates the sparkle effect many people look for in diamonds. It's that beautiful yet subtle sparkle that you'll adore. 

The cuts of a radiant diamond range from perfectly square to rectangular, and you can choose from a wide variety of stone sizes and even colors.

So, if you want a diamond with incredible brilliance and sparkle, then the radiant cut diamond is for you. You'll never be disappointed by the beauty of these diamonds. Just decide how large and dazzling you want your diamond to be before you shop.


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