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Article: The Nashville Jewelry Store for Those in the Know

The Nashville Jewelry Store for Those in the Know

Buying diamond jewelry is a big decision in terms of cost, quality, and details. You want to get what you pay for, so working with a reputable source and someone with your best interest in mind is essential.

People who do know go to Green Hills Diamond Brokers, Nashville's best jewelry store. If you are looking for diamond jewelry in Nashville, stunning fine jewelry, or pre-owned Rolex watches in Nashville, look no further than Green Hills Diamond Brokers. If our 4.9-star Google Rating doesn't convince you that Green Hills Diamond Brokers is the best Nashville jewelry store, then keep reading.

Our Diamond Jewelry Is GIA Certified

We sell engagement rings designed with GIA-certified diamonds at Green Hills Diamond Brokers. Why is this important? The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world's foremost establishment on precious gemstones and sets the global standard for evaluating diamond quality.

GIA uses the "4Cs" (carat, clarity, color, and cut) of the International Diamond Grading System to evaluate each diamond they appraise. When appraising, a gemologist grades a gemstone based on the rarity of each of the four features. 

Our high standards allow us to offer the best jewelry selection in Nashville; if diamond jewelry isn't your style, we have many other jewelry options available. 

We Are Family Owned and Operated

Green Hills Diamond Brokers is family owned and operated by husband and wife duo David and Jennifer Michaeli. Jennifer is a native Nashville jewelry designer. She studied gemology at the International Diamond Institute in Israel.

Her husband, David, comes from a family of Israeli diamond brokers. Raised around his parent's Tel Aviv-based diamond cutting business, David has received a hands-on diamond education since he was a kid. 

We Work Directly with Clients

When you shop at Green Hills Diamond Brokers, you work directly with highly-trained team members who take the time to educate you about what to look for when choosing a diamond and how the quality impacts its cost. By sharing this information, Green Hills Diamond Brokers expresses our commitment to equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed choice free of anxiety or pressure.

Our priority is to ensure that you receive the best fine jewelry possible. The dedication to our clients has allowed us to garner notable clientele, including entertainers, pro athletes, and music industry professionals. However, we work with all budgets.  

Shop Nashville's Best Jewelry Store

You can rely on our premium services for your diamond and fine jewelry needs. At our jewelry store in Nashville, we offer a variety of services on top of our excellent jewelry selection. Whether you're in the market for a diamond engagement ring, need an appraisal for your fine jewelry, or need another jewelry-related service, Diamond Brokers is here to help. 

Contact us today to learn more by visiting our Green Hills jewelry store, or shop online to view our jewelry collection

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