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Article: 2020 New Year Gold & Diamond Buying Event!

2020 New Year Gold & Diamond Buying Event!

Happy New Year!  If you’ve stayed strong and committed to your resolution, then let me be the first to say congratulations! Can you please do me a favor and send me some of whatever it is that’s making you stay motivated?

Here’s where I am; I enthusiastically started a detox and told myself “no sugar,” but after a couple of events and a birthday party…sugar just magically reappeared! How did that piece of cake end up in my mouth? How did that Jolly Rancher get in my purse? Is that a Boston creme? So many questions, and so few answers.

Someone else told me they were going to rid themselves of the negative people in their life. Impossible? No…not to be a Debbie Downer but easier said than done, especially if you work together or if they’re family members! I told her to let me know how that goes.

Another person told me they wanted to be more organized with their finances, which I find to be very practical. Whether it’s a vacation, a house, or money for retirement, who doesn’t want extra money for whatever they want to do in life? I mentioned to her that gold is at a seven-year high right now, and if she or her husband had any gold coins or fine jewelry she didn’t wear, NOW would be a great time to cash out and use the extra money as she wished.

Yes, that’s right! Gold is at a seven-year HIGH; trading at approx. $1600 an oz.! That’s why we are having a special Nashville gold and diamond buying event this week only! We are flying in special out-of-town buyers just for this event. Even if you don’t know if you want to sell, we can educate you on what your gold would be worth in the market today. However, gold will not stay this way! So, please take advantage of our buying event this week. We are buying diamond rings, gold, fine jewelry, coins, engagement rings, loose diamonds, Rolex watches, swiss watches, estate jewelry, and broken jewelry. Only have one earring? Bring it! Receive instant payment and walk out with extra cash in your pocket!

This gold and diamond buying event is an excellent opportunity for you to take inventory of your jewelry and get rid of the things you never wear or don’t like anymore. You can cash out or trade for something that suits your style. It can be an emotional process, especially if you have jewelry that is sentimental to you, but it can also be fun knowing something exciting is ahead when you get rid of the old.

Our clients sort through their jewelry boxes and safes, and there they are again! They see the old yellow gold diamond cluster rings that they haven’t worn in ages, the diamond watches with dials too small to read, the big old engagement rings they have clung onto for years. It’s a beautiful diamond, you get it out and play with it on occasion but let’s face it, you moved on years ago. It’s a new year, so how about a fresh start?

What about new gifts that don’t suit you? There is a fabulous option right around the corner for the jewelry gifts you will never wear. Fortunately, you are close enough to visit me at Green Hills Diamond Brokers, where selling to us, trading, or buying is a one-on-one, in-person, safe experience. “I got this for Christmas, and I’m just never going to wear it,” is something we often hear after the holidays. “Jenny, I got this Rolex from the company I work for, and I don’t wear watches. I value it, but I’ll never wear it” or “this big diamond pendant from my mother-in-law is just something I would never wear.” These are the kind of issues I get to help to solve all the time, and I can help you turn that unloved, unworn jewelry into cash or new jewelry, something just for you.

A local Nashville gemologist/appraiser always suggests her clients come to Green Hills Diamond Brokers when contemplating selling. She has found our prices paid are consistently the highest in Tennessee and anywhere near, and she also likes the personal service we provide. She tells us, “The experts at Green Hills Diamond Brokers are all highly educated in diamonds, jewelry, and gemology. My clients get information on color, clarity, cut, weight, and can review any paperwork such as a certification. Green Hills Diamond Brokers is transparent. My clients know exactly what they are getting and why, and are paid then and there!”

During our Nashville Gold and Diamond Buying Event, we review the fine points of the jewelry together and how we value it. Together, we decide: is selling appropriate? Do you want to trade up? Do you want us to redesign something for you that you will wear? It doesn’t matter where you got the jewelry, because we accept trade-ins from any other jewelry source.

So come by and see us this week! Take advantage of our special Nashville gold and diamond buying event and meet our buyers! Whether you have stuck to your New Year’s resolutions or not, Feel lighter in the New Year by getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new. Only at Green Hills Diamond Brokers!

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