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Article: Freaky Diamond Facts for Spook-tober

Freaky Diamond Facts for Spook-tober

Most people don’t put up a fight. Meaning, they actually agree with me. There’s nothing more beautiful than a diamond. No other gem can compete with that dazzling rainbow dispersion of light. But did you know, diamonds don’t start out looking that way? Not by a long shot!

Freaky Diamond Facts:

Have you ever seen a raw, uncut diamond? It’s gray, dull, and ugly! You heard me, U-G-L-Y! It often looks grainy like sea glass but in a crazy shape like a crooked pyramid that needs to be condemned. If you were to see one, you’d probably kick it to the side of the road, mistaking it for a pebble, glass, or just a piece of crap. You’d walk on by, not giving a damn about the thing you just kicked to the curb… but not if you were a diamond cutter and knew what you were seeing. 

The skilled cutter can cut and polish that ugly condemned pyramid and transform it into the most brilliant, shiny, symmetrical piece of beauty you’ll ever see. With a bit of science, technology, art, and magic, we make it happen. Green Hills  Diamond Brokers, I am proud to say, was founded by generations of diamond cutters who still cut diamonds for us today! 

Another interesting fact. Did you know diamonds are the hardest substance known on earth and difficult to damage? But, listen to me, a diamond CAN chip or break. It takes a lot; they have to be slammed in just the right direction. Surveying broken diamonds over the years, I’ve found the biggest culprit in breaking diamonds is the toploading washing machine. You go to lift out a wet, heavy load, and wham! Your diamond hits that metal rim with just enough force in the right direction and its insurance claim time. The answer, of course, is no more doing the laundry with the ring ladies…or you could just refuse to ever do laundry again. Let me know how that goes!

Here’s more strangeness:

  • The diamond you wear is about a billion years old. Diamonds come in every color but are made of only one substance, yes only ONE, which is carbon.
  • Another Diamond Fact: Did you know diamonds can burn, but they can’t melt?
  • Diamond engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger on the left hand because a special vein is believed to travel from that finger to the heart.
  • Back in the day, diamonds were somehow suspected to help those possessed by evil spirits. So, if you see someone levitating and screaming obscenities, bring them to me at Green Hills Diamond Brokers, and I’ll try throwing a few diamonds at them to see if it helps!
  • My favorite fact?  Scientists have recently discovered a planet that’s largely carbon and one-third of the planet appears to be diamond! Beam me up, Scotty!

More freaky facts:

Ruby and Sapphire are like fraternal twins because they come from the same mineral: corundum. In red, it’s ruby and in blue it’s Sapphire. It’s found in every color: purple, green, yellow, etc. and it's all called Sapphire unless it’s red.

Similarly, Emerald and Aquamarine are the same mineral: beryl. In green it’s emerald and in blue it’s aquamarine. Weird right?

Rose gold, a contemporary favorite that many ladies like to make their engagement rings in, is gold mixed with copper and isn’t actually contemporary at all. Surprised? It has its origins from the early 19th century. Why did it go out of fashion for all those years? I guess we’ll never know.

If you want to know more freaky facts about diamonds world, or you just want me to do my job and help you shop for a GIA certified diamond engagement ring, come visit me in our private
Green Hills showroom. We carry a large selection of estate jewelry from years back, but we certainly don’t neglect the contemporary. In fact, our selection of loose, GIA Certified diamonds, mountings, and our ability to design and create your dream jewelry in rose gold - white, yellow, or platinum - is unlimited. This Spook-tober, whether you’re levitating or walking, come see me at Green Hills Diamond Brokers!

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